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Gonzalez-Torres’ Candy Carpets

British artist Damien Hirst‘s Visual Candy series comes together with the colourful work of the late Felix Gonzalez-Torres. The works are presented alongside each other in an exclusive exhibition celebrating both the artists.

The curated collection combines Gonzalez-Torres’ sweet sculptures alongside Hirst’s abstract paintings of medicinal pills – each artist using  candy as a creative material in the 1990s. Gonzalez-Torres’ sculptures made of candies are copiously piled in corners, spread across the floor as textured carpets, and wrapped around existing architectural columns. The multi sensory installation allows viewers to freely choose whether to touch, take or consume the candy, implying that life itself is in a permanent state of flux.


Art by Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Damien Hirst

Art by Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Damien Hirst


Art by Felix Gonzalez-Torres and Damien Hirst



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