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Fictions and Legends

In the exhibition ‘Fiction and Legends: Heather Goodchild and Jérôme Havre’ two artists use visual storytelling in the form of sewing, rug hooking, drawing, photography and sculpture, to represent collective cultural experiences, practices and beliefs through the notion of fictions and legends. Heather Goodchild‘s work explores ‘rituals, regalia and symbols of religion’ using textile techniques in conjunction with installation, performance and sculpture. Jérôme Havre is French artist based between Canada and Germany and his art considers issues of identity, territory and community through the representation of nature using textiles, sculpture, digital prints, photographic images, murals, sound recording, and videos to create scenographic installations. The show opened at the Textile Museum of Canada last week and continues until 13 April 2014.


Heather Goodchild, Get Behind Me, 2013


Jérôme Havre, Untitled (Hybrid Series), 2010. Photo: Paul Litherland


Jérôme Havre, Untitled (Hybrid Series), 2010. Photo: Paul Litherland


Heather Goodchild, I will come to you in a thick cloud, 2013. Photo: Naomi Yasui


Jérôme Havre, Sans titre (Centaure), 2009. Collection of Maison des arts de Laval. Photo: Paul Litherland



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