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Kustaa Saksi Woolgathering in Hong Kong


Zenith, Kustaa Saksi, 2016

Woolgathering, an exhibition of ‘woven optical illusions’ by the Amsterdam-based Finnish artist and designer, Kustaa Saksi will be on show at Usagi Gallery in Hong Kong 26 March–17 April 2016.


Battle of Harapouri, Kustaa Saksi, 2016

Like his earlier Hypnopompic tapestries, those soon to go on show in Asia have been manufactured on a Jacquard loom at the TextielMuseum, Tilburg using natural materials such as mohair, merino and alpaca mixed with cotton and synthetic fibres such as rubber, glow-in-the-dark phosphate and metallic threads. Where the last group were born of night and the ‘sensory confusion leading out of sleep’, these relate to ‘the short-term detachment’ of daydreams. The results are no less surreal, referencing visual delusions, abstract landscapes and optical art with fantastic effect.


Hanging Loose, Kustaa Saksi

Saksi is known as a successful graphic designer completing commissions for brands such as Marimekko, Nike, Salvatore Ferragamo and Issey Miyake, but he is fascinated by tapestry: “Weaving patterns definitely has its limitations as compared to printing, but it opens up a completely new world of possibilities, especially in detailing. In my artworks, I’m using the Jacquard weaving technique for its magnificent control over detailing and color and material combinations… I’m producing my designs and artworks in small editions to keep them exclusive and at the highest-possible quality.”


Dimension Leap, Kustaa Saksi, 2016


Under Shelter II, Kustaa Saksi, 2016

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