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Pacific Zigzag at The New Craftsmen


This year’s edition of London Design Festival spawned plenty of maker initiatives in showrooms across the capital. One of the more interesting installations could be found at The New Craftsmen in Mayfair, where ‘Pacific Zigzag’, a collection of pieces by Sam Bazeley, was on display.

Of Fijian origin, Bazeley produces work inspired by how Pacific peoples make use of, and depend on, the natural materials and phenomena of the South Pacific. The large fabric works reflect a complex relationship with the forces of water, wind and tide, prerequisites for survival but simultaneously elements of destruction.

Sam Bazeley, The New Craftsmen

Blue Curtain

The Blue Curtain is made up of a hand-dyed indigo panel, decorated with shapes cut from a variety of linen fabrics. The ubiquity of zigzag patterns in the collection is the artist’s visual interpretation of the back-and-forth nature of village and ocean life in the Pacific. The Tapestry forming the backdrop to the exhibition reminds the viewer of the vastness of the Pacific Ocean, while the Green Curtain carries mangrove stem motifs in hand-beaten silver nickel, referencing the importance of mangrove swamps in staving off the encroaching sea.

Sam Bazeley, The New Craftsmen

Green Curtain

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