Tri-Folds Sofa by Camille Paillard

July 09, 2013

London based designer, Camille Paillard has designed 'tri-folds sofa' with Ecal for Swiss brand de Sede. The chosen material was leather - de Sede's speciality, and Camille was inspired to experiment with the beauty of the folds and the material’s innate sensitivity.

The Tri-folds sofa by London-based designer Camille Paillard is made of leather, which is the speciality material of de Sedethe Swiss furniture brand for whom it was designed. During a workshop with de Sede, Camille was inspired by the beauty of the leather folds, which in her design form the arm rests, not only as an aesthetic feature, but also as a practical place for slipping in magazines and books.

Paillard comments: “Based on de Sede’s choice of my design from the sketches and models submitted, I was able to develop a prototype. Over several months, I discovered the steps necessary to implement the project through regular meetings with the company. The design of the structure, the choice of foam and the material selection – everything enriched the project and made for a rewarding experience.”

Tri-Folds sofa by Camille Paillard sofa design

Tri-Folds sofa by Camille Paillard

sofa design

Tri-Folds sofa by Camille Paillard sofa design

Model and sketches of the Tri-Folds sofa


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