Textiles Designed with Personality in Mind

July 11, 2013

London based interior designer Christopher Wincott has presented a fresh project at New Designers 2013, recreating family identities in textile design.

Interior designer Christopher Wincott presented an intriguing project at New Designers 2013, involving the idea to represent different family identities with textile design. This concept adds a personal touch to his interiors. Wincott stated “My textile designs are inspired by family identity, taking textiles to a personal place. We all have a family or people close to us that mean the world, I wanted to encapsulate this relationship and translate it into physical beauty.”

Wincott new designers 2013

Wincott’s computer generated designs appearing on bedding, sofas and walls

new designers 2013

new designers 2013

Details of designs


More of Wincott’s computer generated designs appearing on couches, walls and a lamp



Details of designs

new designers 2013

Wincott and his finished textiles, decorating a lamp and upholstering a couch


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