Suzan Drummen: Crystal floor installations

September 03, 2013

Dutch artist Suzan Drummen's crystal floor installations are mesmerising and complex circular patterns made out of mirrors and brightly coloured glass.

Dutch artist Suzan Drummen‘s kaleidoscopic floor installations are mesmerising and complex circular patterns made out of mirrors and brightly coloured glass.

The arrangements are made up of crystals, chromed metal, precious stones, mirrors and optical glass. They are placed in ornate and extravagant circles growing out of each other in concentric, spiralling colours, winding into the surface of the floor. The experience is visually stimulating and plays with the senses. The idea of illusion and optical effects are explored as each glittering installation sweeps across floor surfaces and climbs up walls, playing with the architecture of the space.

When viewed from a distance or from above, the work looks like a decorative rug, organised and neat, but on closer inspection, one can see the many intricate details resulting from the skilled craftsmanship that goes into each art piece. In much of her work, Drummen places each glossy element loosely on the floor, making the artwork vulnerable and evanescent.

1 large floor installation at the sociale verzekeringsbank amstelveen in 2012

Large floor installation at the Sociale Verzekeringsbank Amstelveen in 2012


2 suzan drummen kaleidoscopic crystal floor installations

Suzan Drummen’s kaleidoscopic crystal floor installations

6 a detail of the mirrored surfaces at CBK amsterdam

A detail of the mirrored surfaces at CBK Amsterdam

5 viewers interact with the large-scale work

Viewers interact with the large-scale work


8 final touches as the audiences watches

Final touches as the audiences watches

9 installation at the museum valkhof, netherlands in 2012

Installation at the Museum Valkhof, Netherlands in 2012

3 a detail of the end of the work 4 visitors interact with drummen's work at CBK emmen, netherlands in 2013 7 a detail of the work at CBK emmen

11 a close-up view of the floor piece at the museum valkhof

10 installed at CBK amsterdam, the final work measures 13 by 7.5 meters


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