Frank & Patrik Riklin cover Swiss countryside with huge BIGNIK cloth

July 29, 2014

The rolling green hills of the Appenzell region in northeast Switzerland has been punctuated by an artistic installation lead by brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin, who have blanketed the countryside in ‘BIGNIK‘, a huge picnic cloth.

The rolling green hills of the Appenzell region in northeast Switzerland has been punctuated by an artistic installation lead by brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin, who have blanketed the countryside in BIGNIK, a huge picnic cloth.

With the help of the public, the artwork makes use of what is locally available to create something, acting as a platform for encounters and stories. Everyday items such as curtains, bedsheets and towels contribute to the textile patchwork of red and white hued fabrics. The only requirement is a minimum measurement of 1.40 x 1.40 meters. Each BIGNIK section is a composition of four tailored cloths that are outfitted with velcro fasteners to connect them.

The ongoing project is not due to finish until 2040 – that’s another 26 years! In its current state the surface area is equivalent to that of 100 football fields and the Swiss duo will present its growing progress every summer, with 50% of the BIGNIK vision looking to be achieved by 2027.

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