Connectivity at Domotex 2019

April 25, 2018

There's an undeniable synergy between the theme of Domotex 2019 – Create’N’Connect (the second keynote theme following the overwhelming success of 2018's inaugural Unique Youniverse) - and the culture, history, craft and future of design and rugs.


Keynote theme for Domotex 2019

There’s an undeniable synergy between the theme of Domotex 2019 – Create’N’Connect (the second keynote theme following the overwhelming success of 2018’s inaugural Unique Youniverse) – and the culture, history, craft and future of design and rugs. Historically rugs were created and then ‘connected’ via caravanserai along the routes of the Silk Road. These welcoming way stations were cross-roads, cultural hubs and points for cross-cultural fertilisation. They were points to connect goods, but also crucibles to create and connect new ideas. Makers, sellers, buyers connected at caravanserai, just as designers, sellers and buyers will connect at Domotex 2019 and leave with the equivalent of saddlebags full of new creative possibilities. Lila Valadan—double award winner at the Domotex 2018 Carpet Design Awards—captures this aspect of the theme. ‘To be truly modern, you have to come to terms with your tradition. After all, it is our tradition that is shaping our culture, and it is our culture that is connecting different traditions.’

Internationaler Wettbewerb f¸r herausragendes Teppichdesign - die Carpet Design Awards auf der DOMOTEX 2018. Kategorie Best Modern Design Superior - Chaos, Lila Valadan

CDA 2018 – Winner of Best Modern Design Superior: Chaos by Lila Valadan

But Create’N’Connect at Domotex is more than a unique opportunity for global flooring aficionados to connect and exchange through history and traditions; the theme enables opportunities to see into the near future of design and rugs. Designing for connectivity is a megatrend for 2018. This ‘connect’ trend reflects an increased demand for objects that are modular and portable, versatile and flexible—the very attributes that rugs inherently possess, and the must-have attributes for all forward-thinking designers. These attributes, combined with continued materials, process, and technological experimentation, will enable designers to create rugs that become ever-more experiential and thus essential not only for domestic environments, but for commercial and hospitality environments. Conversely as design and technology continue to connect and merge, the once dominant minimalist design aesthetic has been eroded by the new iteration of ‘anti-design’ that merges a maximalist look with veneration and emulation of the natural world. Allied to connectivity, this shift creates an exciting new design climate. As connectivity expands inexorably and creation remains an essential part of the human psyche, the future for rugs through Create’N’Connect is undeniably exciting.

DOMOTEX 2018 - Weltleitmesse f¸r Teppiche und Bodenbel‰ge (12. - 15. Januar). Das Leitthema "UNIQUE YOUNIVERSE" greift den Trend der Individualisierung auf.

COVER asked Thilo Horstmann, Project Director of Domotex, to explain how the Create’N’Connect theme relates to the handmade halls: ‘The new DOMOTEX keynote theme—Create’N’Connect—relates to the halls of hand-made carpets and rugs in many ways: ‘connectivity’ is the fusion of traditional manufacturing techniques and hip designs, but it is also the interplay between classic patterns or elements in modern interiors. Also, due to their enduring popularity, high-quality handcrafted carpets create a permanent connection to the present time, in which digitisation and modern production techniques play a major role. Furthermore, carpets are a central element in the room, an element that connects us to the floor.’


DOMOTEX 2019 will be held on 11-14 January in Hannover.


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