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December 14, 2020

Delineated interior zones have seen a rise in importance following Covid-19’s impact on residential and social spaces. Lucy Upward looks at the role of rugs

One thing that those who work with rugs are well aware of is that to create an intimate space within a larger interior you just need to put a rug on the floor, and the formation of a social ‘bubble’ is instigated. A rug can create a world all of its own. Place a number of different rugs in a large room and you have created a series of zones that can be quite different in nature.

Focus the eye As an example of how an eye catching rug can really direct attention to part of a room this dramatic <a href=httpsatelierfevriercom>Atelier Février<a> rug <em>Nazar<em> is expertly used by New York interior designer <a href=httpswwwinstagramcomdanafinesilverdesign>Dana Finesilver<a>

We are all now well aware of social distancing and the possibility of the concept remaining with us in the longer term. As designers look to changes in architectural and interior planning with Covid-19 in mind, the ‘personal bubble’ becomes an important focus. In the future it looks as though public spaces will need to feature cues to encourage social distancing without being too obvious and intrusive. In commercial interiors perhaps rugs and floorcoverings could be an increasingly important way of delineating space with design and comfort in mind.

Pretty in pink This 100 wool handtufted rug featuring a nonconventional shape and dazzling shades of pink was designed by Leah Phillips of Canadian brand <a href=httpswwwcreativemattersinccom>Creative Matters<a> The rug pulls together an intimate space within the large living room of this Boston residencean interior project by <a href=httpwwwkatekelleydesignscom>Kate Kelley<a> while working at <a href=httpswwwhacincom>Hacin+Associates<a>

In terms of residential interiors, the focus is now on flexible homes. Your living space is no longer just somewhere to relax with your family. For many it is now a place to work, educate your children, work out, and then switch off at the end of the day. Homes are taking on new important roles and having to wear multiple hats so instead of rueing the day you knocked down your internal walls to create an open space, the way forward is to focus on creating zones of activity with rugs leading the way.

The texture and design of premium rugs have the power to create new zones and environments for our new ways of living.

The gaming room New York based rug designer <a href=httpswwwlucytupucom>Lucy Tupu<a> had two rugsdesigns <em>Cuba St<em> and <em>Tui Nui<em>selected for the game room of this Weehawken New Jersey luxury high rise where residents can socialise The rugs are used to mark different gaming zones
Vintage rules Two Patchwork Vintage rugs by <a href=httpscreativetouchrugscom>Creative Touch<a> grace the floor of the creatively designed cafe in the Westin Arlington Gateway Hotel <em>Patchwork Vintage<em> <em>Cool Blue<em> marks the central seating area and brings texture to the floor while the ceiling has been transformed into a gallery space
Intimacy Chicago Part of <a href=httpswwwrugstarcom>Jürgen Dahlmanns<a> Intimacy photography project this interior was Home 04 in Intimacy Chicago The large open space of the impressive apartment makes an easy home for these three rugs with very different designs creating three separate living zones
An art focus Art is the focus in the sitting area of the home office of a Sydney residence featuring interior design by <a href=httpswwwdylanfarrellcom>Dylan Farrell Design<a> and <a href=httpsthomashamelcom>Thomas Hamel and Associates<a> The wool and silk rug titled <em>Aegean<em> was based on a series of gouache paint studies and designed by <a href=httpswwwbehruzstudiocom>Behruz Studio<a> in collaboration with Dylan Farrell The final result became an unassuming lynchpin in a room filled with competing personalties comments Farrell about the finished rug which certainly holds its own

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