Domotex Hannover 2021 becomes Domotex Digital Day

January 06, 2021

Pandemics change the best-laid plans of everyone, but ingenuity and innovation can sometimes come triumphantly to the rescue

Having previously moved Domotex Hannover 2021 from January to May, operating company Deutsche Messe AG has decided that the trade show should be recast as a one-day, digital-only event. Domotex Digital Day is now scheduled to take place on 20 May 2021. The focus element of this platform is a digital conference that will address current and forward-looking topics in the international flooring industry.

‘Markets thrive on exchange,’ says Domotex’s Global Show Director, Sonia Wedell-Castellano. ‘Domotex Digital Day is our answer to interactive participation formats. It will allow our clients to connect with customers, expand their networks, and access new contacts.’ Exhibitors will be able to present their products and innovations, embrace business, network and connect, she tells us. ‘The specific opportunities for participation will be available in our online store pretty soon.’

Dr Andreas Gruchow of Deutsche Messe AG says: ‘Unfortunately, for the first time in its thirty-two-year history, we will not be able to organise Domotex in 2021 as a physical trade show on our exhibition grounds in Hannover. Even a hybrid [i.e., part digital, part physical] Domotex is not realistic in the current situation, as it would require a certain proportion of physical exhibitors and visitors on-site, combined with travel from all parts of the world.’

With the new format, Domotex Digital Day, Deutsche Messe is acknowledging the importance of rapidly increasing online channels in the flooring industry. The event will therefore also put a special focus on digitalisation aspects. 

The next hybrid Domotex is scheduled for 13–16 January 2022, at the Hannover Exhibition Grounds. Meanwhile, details of how to participate in Domotex Digital Day 2021 will be available on the Domotex website soon.

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