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February 04, 2021

As highlighted in COVER 61, dramatic black-and-white interiors are on the rise. From geometric and graphic to painterly and ombre, here are some woven creations from COVER Connect exhibitors to suit every space

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If kaleidoscopes were black-and-white, they might look like Topfloor Rugs’ Art Deco-inspired Marlene rug, from the  Jazz Age  collection. Kristiina Lassus’sOtane DGR  rug, meanwhile, offers a striking contrast between the thin, beige linen lines and large expanses of dark grey wool. Although the Milan-based designer uses a computer to design her rugs, they are ‘developed as if hand-drawn’, she revealed in COVER 33 (Autumn 2013). Finally,  Ibiza  is an example of Sumaq Alpaca Rugs’ famous double-faced designs. Hand-woven in one piece, the rug has a different pattern on each side – providing two rugs in one.


Standing on an  Acid Splat  rug by Yerra is like having an Abstract Expressionist painting under your feet. Each of these cowhide rugs is a by-product of the meat industry and has been tanned using environmentally friendly methods. The hand-knotted  Glow  rug from Creative Matters’  Aerial  collection is reminiscent of a snowy winter’s sky, but provides a warm reception in the Park Hyatt New York by Yabu Pushelberg (as seen above). Midday by Deborah Berke Partners for Warp & Weft was inspired by ‘the values that inform the firm’s architecture and interiors: a commitment to creating place-specific designs that are sensitive to climate and culture’. It evokes a modernist work.


Despite the stony appearance, Thibault van Renne’sMarble  rugs are hand-spun in wool and silk. The collection – created in collaboration with Van Den Weghe marble plates and design expert Frederic Rozier – is available in three colourways. The luxurious handmade silk pile  Tye ‘n Dye Soie  rug from cc-tapis features a gentle fade from black to light grey and back. For a more subtle ombre,  Fade 6  by Battilossi offers a thin fade between two strong blocks of black and grey. Bespoke colours are also available on request.

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