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September 17, 2021

In the Autumn issue of COVER we take a look inside the homes and interior projects of three designers that create rugs, and see some delightful custom rugs in place

Jersey City loft

This loft apartment within a disused church in New Jersey sports spectacular architectural features that appear boldly oversized up close. It belongs to Fort Street Studio VP and interior designer Paul Melo. Circular skylights add a nautical feel and cool blue Fort Street rugs—Two Stroke Indigo and Swig Indigo— contribute to the ecclesiastical calm.

<em>Two Stroke Indigo<em> by Fort Street Studio at New Jersey loft Photo Jacob Snavely

Boca Raton home

This is an IG Workshop project in Florida. Samantha Gallacher, the interior design firm’s co-founder, also founded the rug brand Art + Loom, whose Paper Edge rug frames the modernist seating area to perfection. The irregularity of the concentric borders adds a relaxed undertone to the formality and dark tones offset the neutral furniture.

<em>Paper Edge<em> by Art + Loom at Boca Raton home Photo Oriol Tarridas

Brooklyn home

Eskayel studio founder Shanan Campanaro’s favourite thing in her living room is a custom rug in merino wool and silk—it is the first rug she designed for herself for a specific place, saying, ‘it ties the whole space together’.

Custom rug by Eskayel at Brooklyn home

Sydney home

A pretty pink custom rug with bamboo silk highlights from Designer Rugs really brings this room by Poppy Tzaneros, Director of POCO Designs, to life. Full of gestural action and tonal variety, it delivers heaps of pattern with freeform flow.

Custom rug by Designer Rugs at Sydney home Photo Anson Smart

Founder’s Hall, Frisco

The Amenity Center in the Texan Grand Canals development by Ink + Oro is surrounded by a variety of residential properties and incorporates a gym, pools, children’s park and beer garden. Taking pride of place in an airy hallway is the custom Founder’s Rug by Jamie Stern.

<em>Founders Rug<em> by Jamie Stern at Founders Hall at Grand Park in Frisco TX Photo Ink + Oro

Denver apartment 

This dynamic Paint Spill custom runner by Noreen Seabrook is for the hallway of the artist Heady Ambassador. Its swirling brights compliment his colourful artwork, making the whole space sing. 

<em>Paint Spill<em> by <a href=httpnoreenseabrookcom target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Noreen Seabrook<a>

Paris Salon  

Salon Vanier is within Canada’s Official Residence in Paris and is used by the ambassador for entertaining. A custom version of a Creative Matters design was commissioned for the ornate room. The company’s President, Carol Sebert, said: ‘It was a huge honour to be part of this project and I really love that a contemporary design like Orchestra can fit so perfectly into this classic French salon.’ 

<em>Orchestra<em> by Creative Matters at Salon Vanier Paris

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