5 interior and rug trends for 2022

November 19, 2021

COVER editor Lucy Upward, looks at five key interior and rug design looks for the new year

The key to a great interior or buying a new rug is to choose what you love and makes you happy. But interior design trends still shape design influences and choices. Taking into account recent interior shows and the opinions of designers who know, here are five looks that should be big for 2022.

  1. Bolder colour

Many retailers are noting that colour choices are getting brighter, even in the US, where neutral textures have always tended to be the focus. This could be a reaction to the gloom of the pandemic and a drive for people to make an individual stamp on a room setting. Green looks set to be an influential colour for interiors in 2022, with orange also being marked as important. Why not mix the two?

Rug Star Intimacy Berlin—Home 33 23. Interior featuring MZ 07 Original rug, Mary Zio for Rug Star

2. Pattern on pattern

Alongside brighter hues is a drive for stronger patterns with multi-patterns being a must for many. It’s a marmite thing, you either yearn for a sense of minimalism or are willing to go all out for pattern and colour. For those in the latter category, enjoy Creative Tonic Design’s and Dennis Brackeen’s recent room settings at Kips Bay Dallas.

Menagerie Chinoise Breakfast Room by Dennis Brackeen at Kips Bay Dallas

3. Focus on sustainable and ethical 

Retailers are reporting an increased demand from the public for products that have ethical credentials. Transparency is becoming key and questions are starting to be asked about production methods and materials etc. Companies that don’t keep up with this trend may find themselves lagging behind the times. 

Es Raco dArtà spa hotel in Mallorcautilising local sustainable materials throughout

4. Personality 

Instagram is all about personality with millions of people keen to show off what makes them unique. It was inevitable that this concept would influence our home designs. In a way this means anything goes, or perhaps for many this idea of expressing themselves still keeps in the boundaries of what would be considered ‘on trend’.

A Study in Optimism by Ken Fulk featuring round rug by <a href=httpswwwtherugcompanycomukshop collectioncontemporary rugsfiltertrc stockin stockppc keyword=rug20companygclid=CjwKCAiAs92MBhAXEiwAXTi25 Q704J7p7SwyX5rAjx3OsDHF6 kOFhrvvx2jdbDk6QPYVBv2PduVxoCOpkQAvD BwE target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>The Rug Company<a> Photo Stephen Karlisch

5. Storytelling

Alongside the idea that customers increasingly want to know more about a product and its sustainable credentials, the story behind each product and collection is becoming a bigger focus in selling. Retailers are finding it easier to get clients interested in collections with a history behind them. This is great time for handmade rugs, there is so much history and story behind each individual piece, the story just needs to be told well. Interiors are there to tell stories beautifully.

The Time Being Suite speculative fiction for teens by <a href=httpschromasfcom target= blank rel=noreferrer noopener>Chroma<a> for the San Fransisco Decorators Showcase 2021

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