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Design 24421 detail Homage collection Rug Kilim

‘Everything we make must be spectacular. I don’t launch a new collection until I am absolutely confident it is the best it possibly can be.’

Jahanshah ‘Josh’ Nazmiyal

A well-stocked sample library and contacts built over four decades in the rug industry, paired with founder Jahanshah ‘Josh’ Nazmiyal’s profound knowledge of traditional and antique rugs from around the world, put Rug & Kilim at the forefront of making modern and custom rugs par excellence. When Josh first arrived in the US, having moved from Tehran, he went into partnership with his brother Jason (of Nazmiyal Antique Rugs), opening a retail shop in Morristown, New Jersey. Josh went on to focus on designing new rugs in 1980, when they both set up solo and his son Cyrus joined the family business full time in 2018.

To celebrate its recent fortieth anniversary, the company launched a fun, yet sophisticated collection of tiger rugs with diverse influences including Chinese painting, Indian miniatures, Persian tribal weaving and traditional Tibetan tiger rugs. This on-trend collection—developed in collaboration with Josh’s long-term contact Teddy Sumner and woven in Afghanistan—exemplifies a forward-thinking approach; delivering rugs that the market wants now, that are respectfully and deeply rooted in global weaving traditions. The research and passion imbued in the tiger collection are evidenced in other Rug & Kilim collections too, each offering a very different aesthetic as a result of the variety and wealth of source material from which inspiration and ideas clearly spring.

<meta charset=utf 8>Design 23823 Deco collection Rug Kilim
<meta charset=utf 8>Design 24438 Deco collection Rug Kilim

Most of the company’s production takes place in India, Nepal and Turkey and the majority of its business has historically taken place at specialist trade fairs such as The Rug Show, Domotex and more recently at COVER Connect. But its trade-only permanent showrooms, stacked full of samples from a range of global producers, are key to enabling buyers and interior professionals to browse, discover and learn about the myriad of possibilities available to them. The New York showroom, established some 20 years ago, relocated to a new Long Island City premises in 2020 and a new permanent showroom opened at High Point Market in North Carolina for last summer’s edition of the Market (postponed from April to June 2021).

Design 24411 detail Homage collection Rug Kilim

‘We are a design house, selling mainly from our own custom designs. We are a one-stop shop; as a high-end brand, we produce the best quality, most luxurious goods, but if a designer is working to a strict budget, we can still find a solution. We work closely with manufacturers to achieve the best possible results and have access to around fifty workshops capable of weaving different qualities and textures. Knowing the history and culture behind antique rugs allows us to be more versatile when producing new collections.’

Cyrus Nazmiyal
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Recent new designs added to the brand’s already extensive offerings include additions to the Deco collection, which has branched out to include designs inspired by Austrian, French and American approaches to Art Deco style. The Homage and Scandanavian collections too continue to grow; Homage now has more than 150 patterns that reimagine iconic designs from diverse sources to offer ‘an encyclopedia of designs’. Scandanavian, first launched in 2015, channels the soul of Scandi-minimalism, using varying pile heights and ‘textural diversity’ to lend dynamism to classical geometry. In 2022, Rug & Kilim will introduce more high-knot-count options to these popular collections. Aimed at the high-end market, using luxury yarns, these will accompany the existing well-priced stylish pieces to offer a broader range of options for clients’ projects. Josh is also looking forward to referring to his extensive library of textures and patterns in relation to some exciting upcoming artist collaborations.

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<meta charset=utf 8>Design 24439 Scandinavian collection Rug Kilim

‘At the core of Rug & Kilim is quality and consistency and non-stop improvement. I don’t know of any other showroom that has as much choice of yarns as we do, we curate our dying facilities, experimenting with yarn mixing and even new ways of weaving.’

Jahanshah ‘Josh’ Nazmiyal
Design 24440 detail Scandinavian collection Rug Kilim

With several award-winning collections steadily growing and going from strength to strength, as further technical opportunities are more thoroughly researched and developed to meet the demands of the market, Rug & Kilim are well placed to swiftly move with the times. Its rugs and kilims are sure to continue to satisfy many diverse tastes.

Rug & Kilim

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