The Multi-shape Rug

June 01, 2022

Geometric compositions are dictating new rug shapes for our interiors 

Amedee in Yellow Multi Emily Forgot x Floor Story

A rug should not always have to mirror the dimensions of a room. So, why not create a dynamic shape across the floor or wall? Here COVER presents a selection of rugs and textiles that cock a snook at conformity and celebrate how shapes can shape our interiors.

ancient visions always freeze 2013 assume vivid astro focus Courtesy Henzel Studio

The shapes, patterns and colours from Memphis Milano have long been influencing our rug designs and this dominant use of bold geometric forms has begun to transform the shape of rugs. The multi-shape rug using geometric forms to break free of a regular rectangular or circular format. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes but these designs stick to geometric plane shapes.

Splash GalileoMultishape Testbild Original Rug Star

The use of multiple shapes lends itself to modular rug collections such as Emily Forgot’s Construct rugs for Floor_Story. In most of the designs colour is used to emphasise the shape arrangements while in Rug Star’s new Splash Multishape designs the colour adds another layer of pattern.  

Antropico Entropico 1 Roberto Sironi x Nodus

Here we show 10 rug designs in which shapes do the talking. 

Bliss Big Green Mae Engelgeer x ccp tapis
Équilibre Anima collection Atelier Février
Ocean Bernabeifreeman x Designer Rugs
Medley 2 Lyk Carpet
Teorema Hybrid Acacia lime Elisa Ossino x Amini Carpets
The Nature Face Tapestry Human Nature collection Sandra Keja Planken

To find out more about multi-shape rugs, buy a copy of COVER 67 or subscribe to COVER here.

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