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Zara Atelj

Textile designer Zara Atelj has produced a collection of fabrics based on everyday information, for example the daily flow of news from newspapers being inspiration source for the design of home textiles. Atelj comments: “I want to make textiles that are not only stylish, but also have communicative functions. The designed product is the content itself. My goal is to design textiles that not only look good, but that have multiple levels.What looks like a nice pattern now, should be able to reveal other layers, so that you can also discover things in them when you look at them in a few years.” The design for the Flag series is created by counting the names of countries that are in the news and transforming them to various patterns.

Flag fabric by Zara Atelj

Code fabric by Zara Atelj

Braille fabric by Zara Atelj

Barcode fabric by Zara Atelj

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