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Maison et Objet September 2011

A few highlights from Maison et Objet in September 2011…..

COVER likes the work of Chevalier Masson, a design duo based in Brussels whose previous work includes rugs and textile design. AT M&O in September they showed Ball Chair, made from found chairs wound repeatedly with yarn.

Ball Chair, Chevalier Masson

Also from Belgium – textile designer Linda Topic was born in Zurich but studied and now lives in Brussels. She is currently collaborating on various projects with designer Antonin Bachet. Since 2009 they have worked on the project ‘Fields’, a collection of handmade felt rugs made by a Turkish craftsman.

Felt rug by Linda Topic and Antonin Bachet

Felt rug by Linda Topic and Antonin Bachet

The Piodao Group showed a range of rugs including the Any rug, which is made from the wool left over from the factory’s regular production. The wool is re-rolled and reintroduced into the manufacturing process, making each of the rugs a unique design.

Any rug, Piodao Group

Rug company Stepevi showed off its new designs made in collaboration with Austrian design studio Pudelskern. The Fragment and Patina designs follow on from the Infusion rose rugs, which featured in the last issue of COVER.

Patina and Fragment rugs by Stepevi and Pudelskern




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