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Creative Matters at Forza Tappeti in Milan

Just one of the 16 innovative companies that will be showing at COVER’s Milan exhibition ‘Forza Tappeti: The Rug Revolution’ on 17-22 April 2012 will be Creative Matters.

Canadian rug company Creative Matters makes a remarkable team, who produce some of the world’s most unique rug designs. With the company’s recognisable colour palette and style of patternation, Creative Matters have built up an extensive portfolio of rugs. The latest designs, The Art Day Collection, come out of an inspired series of art days held at the company’s Toronto studios. From these creative sojourns a vast array of exciting work has developed and will be shown at the Rug Revolution show in Milan.

Rugs that Creative Matters will be showing in Milan.

#123, The Art Day Collection, Creative Matters

#123 from the Art Day Collection will  be showing in Milan. Creative Matters explain the idea behind the collection: “In our office where we can get too accustomed to using the computer to create design, it was refreshing to return to our roots and pick up a paintbrush. This year we decided to take a fresh approach by hosting a series of “Art Days” at our Studio in Toronto. We chose to flex our artistic muscles getting the entire team involved in intensive three hour sessions of gestural painting, drawing, printmaking, collage and photography.  The design team then scanned these images, and created new carpet designs.  The numbers on the patterns refer to the order they were created. This was so successful the New Art Day Collection has blossomed from it.”

Scratch Frost, The Aerial Collection, Creative Matters

Creative Matters also discuss their Aerial Collection : “One of our original and award winning collections, focuses on powerful and elemental aspects such as the harmony between fire and ice.  With a fluid and organic approach, these designs are timeless and transitional, balancing a wide range of design aesthetics. The Aerial Collection takes on new heights, with both its exciting modern designs and inspired colour palettes.”

Creative Matters were also featured in our Winter 2011 edition of COVER (issue 25), with an extensive look at the company’s new Art Day Collection.

For Creative Matters’ press release on the company’s inclusion in Forza Tappeti please click here.

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