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Diacasan Edition at Forza Tappeti Milan

Another of the companies that will feature in COVER’s exciting FORZA TAPPETI: THE RUG REVOLUTION show in April in Milan is Diacasan Edition.

The Paris firm Diacasan Edition make, under the direction of its owner Sandrine Demas, carpets for, and by, some of the world’s elite design firms including the iconic Italian brand Cappellini. By matching technical expertise with a flair for colour and bold design, the firm have a recognisable and much admired aesthetic. The innovative approach to design and collaboration is shown by the revolutionary Alnoor collection that combines viscose pile with a flatwoven ground to stunning effect and includes Point-de-Croix.

Point-de-Croix, Alnoor for Diacasan Edition

Point-de-Croix, Alnoor for Diacasan Edition

A flashback to old techniques, all works in the collection Alnoor for Diacasan Edition employ trompe l’œil, with minimalist, geometric and even kinetic codes. Between kilim and rugs, Alnoor’s designs are a subtle interplay of flatweave and pile rug. Equal importance is given to the empty space as to the full. Alnoor adds: “Each of my creations has a meaning. The result of a reflection on semantics, my designs contain a symbolic message where hazard does not have its place.”


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