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New Rugs by Ptolemy Mann

Textile artist Ptolemy Mann currently has an exhibition at the Aram Gallery in London (see previous post here). She also has two new rugs designs out, one of which is included in the show. Blue Vortex will be on display at Aram until 21 April 2012 and then the exhibition travels on to Dovecot Studios in Edinburgh in May, the Harley Gallery in Nottinghamshire from August to October and Gloucester Cathedral from October until December. Another rug Red Vortex is also available.

Blue Vortex rug, Ptolemy Mann

Red Vortex rug, Ptolemy Mann

Red Vortex detail with cushions, Ptolemy Mann

Blue Vortex rug at the Aram Gallery show, Ptolemy Mann

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  1. Ben Evans said:

    These rugs are beautiful. The temperature of the colours in beautiful and the textures looks amazing.

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