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Encoded Textiles by Raw Color

Dutch Studio Raw Color has developed a cryptographer which generates a pattern based on words which have been translated into a code, exploring the concept of the personal message and its delivery becoming predominantly digital. The designers add: “A personal message is more and more often sent digitally. Intangible, floating in the air, only readable on a screen.” Each letter character is transformed into a specific icon and so the result is a constantly changing pattern depending on the text input. The bleach, which is applied to the textiles via a pen attached to the print head of the cryptographer, has a different reaction to each textile dye, thus further varying the shades of the resulting patterns. The size and scale of the patterns are determined by the amount of words sent to the printer. The project was presented at the Dutch Invertuals ‘Retouched’ exhibition during Milan Design Week 2012.

Encoded Textiles, Raw Color

Encoded Textiles, Raw Color

The process of forming the letters

Encoded Textiles, Raw Color

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