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Jo Hamilton’s Crochet Portraits

Jo Hamilton‘s crochet portraits really bring the faces illustrated to life with their colour and movement. Hamilton has also done a wonderful crochet picture of Portland, Oregon.

Hamilton explains her process: “In my work I use a traditional basic crochet technique taught to me at an early age by my Gran. I work one knot at a time, from the inside out, row by row. In making the crochet portraits I always begin in the middle with the eyes and work out from there until the piece is completed. I work directly from photographs, using no sketches, graphs or computer imaging. Each piece is instinctively composed, handmade, labour-intensive. Nothing is planned ahead; I make it up as I go along. I spend a lot of time simply looking, unraveling, and reworking until I get it right.”

DJ crochet portrait, Jo Hamilton

Reclining Shine crochet portrait, Jo Hamilton

Self Portrait crochet portrait, Jo Hamilton

I Crochet Portland, Jo Hamilton

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