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Glitch Textiles by Phillip Stearns

One recent project by American artist Phillip Stearns are his Glitch Textiles, a collection of woven and knit blankets whose patterns are generated from images taken with short circuited cameras. Stearns comments: “These blankets are layered with irony: a digital photographic image, made with an intentionally broken (rewired) camera, is mechanically woven or knit into a photoblanket, an object commonly advertised as a kitsch memento. In this project, a keepsake for cherishing one’s memories now becomes a platform for fashioning corrupted memory, the cold logic of digital systems into soft, warm blankets.”

Glitch Blanket DCP_0216, Phillip Stearns

Glitch Blanket DCP02677, Phillip Stearns

Glitch Blanket 08 PIC 00008, Phillip Stearns

Glitch Blanket DCP02783, Phillip Stearns

Glitch Blanket DCP_02803, Phillip Stearns



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