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Tour de France joie de vivre with Nicola Cerini’s rug

The sun is shining in London. Finally. And to celebrate not just sunny warmth, but the feel good factor we in Britain have with Bradley Wiggins’ win of the Tour de France cycling race, COVER went on the hunt for a carpet that summed up the historic victory.

Now while we are in no doubt there are carpets with bicycle motifs, our winning choice is not that literal. In fact Australian designer Nicola Cerini’s 100% wool rug is not cycle related at all. Its design is inspired by star anise pods. But the circular joy (think bicycle wheels) and bursts of exclamatory starbursts in Seed Pod perfectly captures the joie de vivre we feel. But perhaps a maillot jaune colourway, please?

We have just one quibble. An Australian website declares “Nicola has a wide and loyal following throughout Australia, New Zealand and Japan.”

Mais non! we cry. Cerini’s designs have UK fans too. More please! DJ

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