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Think Olympink!

Think Olympink. Yes, inspired by the colours of the fractured Olympic 2012 logo, pink has been declared the navy blue of the Olympics (to paraphrase Vogue magazine impresario Diana Vreeland‘s 1962 colour declaration.)

We at COVER do believe it’s possible to wear head to toe pink and not look like a waitress at the Hello Kitty Cafe, but our interest is pink carpets, and our favourite is “Bubblegum” by COVER friend, London designer Deirdre Dyson.

Diana Vreeland would approve. The floating dollops of pink delight hover over an inky navy blue ground. Sublime. And if “Bubblegum” isn’t the Dubble Bubble Olympink you hanker after, the pink and red of Dyson’s “Romance” will satisfy your sweet tooth. DJ

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