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Circular bullseye rug in 1991 film “Deceived”

In recognition of those who like your scribe are holding the fort during the dying dog days of summer while the big Kahuna and colleagues jump on the jitney for a Hampton’s break; clamber aboard the Scotsman sleeper train for a Highlands holiday, or catch a kai-to to one of Hong Kong’s idyllic island get-aways, your scribe is posting a carpet conundrum.

Deceived, the 1991 film starring Goldie Hawn (Damian Harris, Director), is currently on BBC iPlayer. The movie is set in Manhattan and Hawn plays an art conservator who lives in a smart but slightly boho loft. The cinematography is brilliant, with overhead establishing shots used to mark important plot shifts. Thirty five minutes into the film, the camera drops over Hawn’s onscreen daughter playing on a marvelous large circular bullseye rug.

Circle rug in the movie Deceived, 1991, starring Goldie Hawn

Your scribe doesn’t know who designed or manufactured the rug, but it appears to be an homage to artist Kenneth Noland. Noland’s 1960s circle paintings hold a prominent place in the canon of modern art. Clement Greenberg posited Morris Louis and Noland in particular as “alternatives to an exhausted Expressionist art”.

So if COVER’s readers think they know who designed the rug, write your suggestions in the comment section of this post. And COVER wishes you happy summer holidays. DJ

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