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Celebrate magical masterpieces with Parris Wakefield Additions

Expect magic not mayhem when the Mayan calendar ends tomorrow. Dystopian doomsayers who cooked the books to make the calendar falsely predict finality and fatalities, might have put their time to better use by joining lovers of number patterns to celebrate the conclusion of a thirteen year feast of magic numbers.

In honour of time calculation and the pleasure of numbers, your scribe presents “2 weeks | 2 seconds” from Parris Wakefield Additions’ inaugural wool and silk rug collection “Masterpieces” for Knots Rugs. A colour homage to David Hockney, the title commemorates Hockney’s droll pleasure at taking 1,209,600 seconds (two weeks) to paint an action that lasted two seconds.

Parris Wakefield Additions

“2 Weeks | 2 Seconds” by Parris Wakefield Additions for Knots Rugs.

Graphic designers Sarah Parris and Howard Wakefield’s first foray into rug designing was facilitated by a serendipitous tweet that hooked them up with textile designer Regan McDonell. A quick look at their sketches and McDonell knew she could interpret their graphics into designs for woven rugs. It was McDonell who introduced the duo to Knots Rugs.

The Masterpiece collection is four bold designs inspired by artist colour palettes. “We spent many fun-filled hours looking through art books and imagining different rooms and architecture” says Parris. Inspired by Hockney’s “A Bigger Splash”, “2 Weeks | 2 Seconds” was designed for their imaginary beach house. Scroll down for a peep into what inspired the remaining three rugs in the collection. DJ

“Destiny” inspired by John William Waterhouse for an imaginary “elegant and sophisticated drawing room”.


“Destiny” by Parris Wakefield Additions for Knots Rugs.

“Colours” inspired by Wassily Kandinsky’s “Yellow-Red-Blue” for a “fantasy loft/warehouse apartment”.


“Colours” by Parris Wakefield Additions for Knots Rugs.

“Portrait” is inspired by George Romney for a “library full of leather bound books and wood paneling”.


“Portrait” by Parris Wakefield Additions for Knots Rugs.

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