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Prayer Rug by Modallion at Toronto IDS 2013

If Madonna’s lyrics are a chapbook, guide or vade mecum, then her famous lyric line “life is a mystery” summarises the human conundrum. Just what does “it” all mean? Whether or not you question the meaning of life, a life lived well should be our common goal, and achieving a quality life will always involve introspection and contemplation. Whether that goal is achieved through prayer, meditation or mindfulness, the need to reflect and alter course is why your scribe believes Canadian designer Robyn Waffle’s Prayer Rug is the ticket for new beginnings in 2013.


Prayer rug by Robyn Waffle. Photograph courtesy of the designer and Modallion Rug Collection.

Unsurprisingly for a new millennium, an uptick in all things spiritual is unabated. “The Prayer Rug celebrates the truth that every faith is unique and beautiful, ” says Waffle. But what if you don’t fancy a central skull motif? Or would rather sub out the pelican pecking her breast? Or maybe you’d prefer to pluck a symbol from Tom Waits’ catalogue aria “Bad As Me”? No problem. Waffle will edit the design to substitute “a symbol you hold close to your heart.”

COVER blogged last year about El Sajadah – an electroluminescent GPS prayer rug by SOPDS. The luminescence of the GPS mat echoes the neon “black light” coloration of Waffle’s Prayer Rug, both picking up on the continuing trend for the eye pop of neon brights.

Waffle’s limited edition “Across the Line” collection launched at Toronto’s IDS 2012 and marked the inaugural collection of Modallion Rug Studio in collaboration with Reznick Carpets. Inspired by prayer mats and traditional tribal rugs, each wool and silk prayer rug is hand dyed and knotted in Nepal. Edition two of Prayer Rugs launches later this month at IDS 2013. DJ

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