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No time to make your own felt rug? Buy the beauties at Peace Industry

News of the recent make-over of famous chef Julia Child’s childhood kitchen made your scribe eager to try out a new recipe. But rather than consult her favourite cookery book (not alas one by Child, but rather The Kopan Cookbook), your scribe browsed her groaning National Geographic collection. Ah, there it was. May 1988. How to make felt.


Snow felt rug by Peace Industry, Spring 2013

Step one. Place a thick layer of fluffed wool on damp felt. (Yes, your scribe realises the apparent inconsistency in requiring felt to make felt. But consider this recipe akin to baking Sourdough bread. Both require a “starter”.) Sprinkle water to dampen the wool and felt layers. Roll the layers around a tent pole. (We’re thinking rumpus room-size rug here readers!) Now wrap the roll in a fresh yak skin so it resembles something akin to a giant California roll. Tie the bundle to the back of your horse. Gallop for hours across a bumpy landscape. Julia Child knew stirring can make or break a recipe, so make sure your yak bundle bounces, as a rough ride is key to compacting the fibres. Exhausted? Too bad. Ride on.


“Hive” felt rug by Peace Industry, Spring 2013

If like your scribe you have neither the patience nor the opportunity (nevermind the yak) to make a felt rug, then it’s time you met the fine folk at Peace Industry in San Francisco. The husband and wife team behind this wonderful company blend traditional with contemporary to create felt rugs that “bring fun and whimsy to any space without scrimping on style”. Handmade of 100% lamb’s wool, it goes without saying these felt rugs are eco-friendly, but just as important as sustainability and style, their rugs are the Philosopher’s Stone of the rug industry. Peace Industry make felt so much more than a warm, fuzzy material; it becomes the elixer and underpinning of a happy home life.

Want to learn more about Peace Industry? Patience grasshopper. Your scribe can reveal no more until the Spring issue of COVER hits the newstand where loyal readers will discover a feature on Peace Industry. Patience, whether making felt, waiting for the next issue of COVER, or saving to buy a Peace Industry felt rug, is a virtue. DJ

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