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How nice of you to let us live in Kvadrat House!

Raw-Edges say “picnic in an enchanted forest”, your scribe envisions Moomins in a Finnish forest. Either way it means one thing. The talented folk at Raw-Edges have done it again. Commissioned by Kvadrat to design the firm’s stand at the 2013 Stockholm Furniture Fair the Raw-Edges Design Studio duo created a massive construction of Dinesen Douglas Fir and 1,500 “sleeves” sewn from twenty different Kvadrat textiles.


Raw-Edges Design Studio for Kvadrat, Stockholm Furniture Fair 2013

Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay describe the concept as “wooden cabin, soft roof tiles, fish skin and picnic under a weeping willow, all mixed in a massive pot with Kvadrat swatches. Served within a commercial fair with our aspiration to create a bit of relaxing surreal situation but very warm welcoming.” Unmentioned elsewhere, press images from Raw-Edges refer to the strips as “sleeves”. Inspection reveals tail end corners are stitched together inviting the further fantasy that with a bit of counter luck to “chance would be a fine thing”, your scribe would slip her arms through multiple sleeves and quickly disappear to enjoy Kvadrat fabric swatches while supping a private picnic.

For readers unfamiliar with Moomins, the title refers to a cell in Moomin on the Riviera (1955). Delighted to be in a suite in The Grand Hotel, MoominMamma exclaims how nice it is to live in your house. Equally so with Kvadrat fabrics. It’s nice to live in a home that has them. DJ

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