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Cat mug and Louisville Slugger: it’s COVER clean up day

Left hand: Everything Tastes Better with Cat Hair In It coffee mug. Right hand: Pro-Stock Lite Louisville Slugger. Soundscape: Mary Anne Hobbs. Your scribe is ready to open the vault door of the COVER blog archive and flip on the squirrel cage lightbulb. Unauthorised link bait and spam jink like cockroaches. Your scribe is on a mission. Time to tidy. (cont)

Coffee mug, David Bowie and architecture books on The Scribe's desk

Coffee mug, David Bowie V&A and architecture books on The Scribe’s desk

When the sun goes down “smash some windows, make some noise” sings Bowie in the background. Fortunately your scribe is wielding the bat with caution and the vault is windowless, rather the vault crawl reveals COVER favourites from the past like Chevalier Masson’s dérapage contrôlé. CM’s monochrome digital line print on sheer curtains appears to be out of production, but your scribe votes for the line to be brought back. As it’s snowing in London (coldest Spring in fifty years) your scribe covets Chevalier’s Warp fingerless mittens, the better to grip mug and bat, thank you very much. (cont)

Warp fingerless mittens by Chevalier Masson. col. navy - photo:photo: Filip Vanzieleghem Photo: Filip Vanzieleghem

Warp fingerless mittens by Chevalier Masson.100% wool, merinos/mohair.
Photo: Filip Vanzieleghem

Next up in the vault crawl greatest hits is Chae Young Kim. No words needed. Just admire the Knits Unraveled room-set for Lane Crawford. Your scribe spent rather too much time in Lane Crawford on previous visits to Hong Kong, and were she in possession of an AMEX Platinum she would hoover up the lot. The store’s website describes Kim’s “Knitted Room” collection as the outcome of “2-D vector graphics” to “reinterpret the warmth of knitted threads”. It isn’t easy to translate hand-knits to flat graphics, but Kim excels.

Today’s vault crawl ends with Where Can I go?. Well out of the vault until next time, that’s where we go. Archive highlights project continues for the next two weeks. Stop by again soon. DJ

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