Blog: April 2013

A Rug to Remember

The design of Lukas Scherrer’s Memory rug is reminiscent of oriental rug patterns, with a sense of border and a field with a central element. Here the elements are not medallions and other traditional motifs but represent conductors, chips and plugs found in any computer. The rug is made of  wool felt and has raised and carved… Read more »

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CC Tapis rug homage to Pompeii House of the Faun mosaic floor

Vitruvius disliked unreality. The ancient Roman architect, engineer and town planner promoted firmitas, utilitas, venustas – solid, useful, beautiful architecture. And the decorative arts, he argued, must follow realism. In his seventh book Vitruvius rails against the stage designs of Apaturius which displayed what Vitruvius saw as illogical architecture. Fantasy was forbidden. No vine tendrils… Read more »

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Mad Men series 6: luxe moderne or pop art modernity?

It’s 1968 in the world of Mad Men. Or so say pundits speculating on the time jump for series six which debuts with a two hour special 7 April (US) and 10 April (UK). Your scribe is unable to watch since cable poached MM from BBC4, so no plot spoilers please. Nevertheless it’s hard to… Read more »

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