Blog: May 2013

Object 12-1 by Matija Čop

These stunning images illustrate the Object 12-1 project by Croatian designer Matija Čop. The garments are constructed from interlocking laser cut foam pieces and are influenced by construction techniques and shapes found in gothic architecture. The layouts are taken from the plans of cathedrals such as St. Jacob’s in Šibenik, Croatia. The garments can be taken apart and reconstructed… Read more »

Fashion, Wearable textiles

Colour from Amy Sia

Australian-born fashion designer Amy Sia arrived in London two years ago with the purpose of pursuing a career in textile print. Her latest collection of cushions is the perfect remedy for the current grey skies of London. Inspired by watercolour prints these bold, painterly designs are exuberant in colour and have a lovely handmade quality…. Read more »

Homewares, Textiles

Glass Collection by Tania Johnson

British rug designer Tania Johnson revealed her first carpet collection back in 2010 while she was residing in New York. Having returned to the UK in 2011 Johnson continues to create some of the most magical rug designs around today. Her latest series entitled the Glass Collection and comprises eight different carpets showing beautiful patterns… Read more »

New Collections, Rugs & Carpets

From The Fringe

New collaborative team BKS is a group of three industrial and product designers – Dimitri Bähler, Linn Kandel, Ismaël Studer – who graduated from ECAL in 2010 and work between Neuchâtel, Stockholm and Paris. The group’s first project is Fanion rugs, made of thick wool felt. The design has a three-dimnesional effect created by what… Read more »

Rugs & Carpets

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