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Always smiling – the weavers of Nepal deserve a break

Matthew Wailes specialises in designing and producing rugs for the interior design market. He has a close working relationship with his long-standing manufacturing partner in Nepal, which hand-knots his rugs.  I visited Nepal in late November with friend and colleague John O’Callaghan from O’C Carpet of New York. A lightning visit of just four days before… Read more »

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Campaign for Wool Warms Up Southwark Cathedral

Wool Week two sheep

Denna Jones Lovers of wool are legging it around the capital to catch events, workshops and exhibitions allied to Campaign for Wool’s fifth annual UK Wool Week (6-12 October 2014). Knit-a-thon at Brora (and a Twitter auction to win the blanket outcome), meet the Maker opportunities, and a Tweed Tea Party are just a few… Read more »

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Rubelli on Show in 2013

The fabrics produced by textile house Rubelli have all the drama, extravagance and historical reference that you would expect of a world-class Venetian company that has been in production for 155 years. Rubelli’s 2013 presents a selection new designs that reflect Italy’s rich textile history with fabrics like Tricorno, Grimani, Galerie des Glaces, Pavone and… Read more »

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Fine Cell Work London Show

It is perhaps bizarre to think that in prison across Britain there are male inmates passing a great deal of their stay stitching quilts, cushions, bags and gifts, but it is true and it is a fantastic endeavour. Thanks to the unique and brilliant Fine Cell Work, this social enterprise that teaches inmates needlework skills and techniques… Read more »

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Cockpit Arts Open Studios

London is full to brimming with talented artists and designers and there are few better places to view (and perhaps purchase) some of their brilliant designs than Cockpit Arts Studio, which has two venues – Holborn and the newer studios in Deptford. No doubt at least one of your favourite designers will be based in… Read more »

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A Rug to Remember

The design of Lukas Scherrer’s Memory rug is reminiscent of oriental rug patterns, with a sense of border and a field with a central element. Here the elements are not medallions and other traditional motifs but represent conductors, chips and plugs found in any computer. The rug is made of  wool felt and has raised and carved… Read more »

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Warner Textile Archive launch Wendy Bray wallpaper collection

Finding treasure in the attic doesn’t just happen to punters on the Antiques Roadshow. The launch yesterday of Warner Textile Archive’s Wendy Bray wallpaper collection (nine designs) at the Fine Cell Work pop-up shop in Mayfair, London, was the result of a rummage round the roof space. Warner’s Archivist Kate Wigley selected and developed designs… Read more »

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Skating carpet

Jan Kath’s new gallery opening in Stuttgart featured a magic carpet skating past, giving the assembled throng the chance to admire not just the fine art and workmanship of the rugs on display, but also their heelflips and ollies, dude. RW

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Hey nonny nonny – it’s the Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Ding Dong! National bell ringing at 08:12 tomorrow morning followed by a giant ding dong on a 27-tonne bell at the “Isle of Wonders” Olympic 2012 opening ceremony tomorrow night. It’s the official Olympic launch! Although still surrounded by James Bond-style secrecy, this we know. The Olympic Stadium will be transformed by director Danny Boyle… Read more »

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Olympic Fever with Thomas Paul Op Art Cushion

COVER’s feet are twitching in the starting blocks. The Olympics are four days away. Time to think souvenirs. If your eyeballs can’t quite cope with the London 2012 Olympics geezer-style logo emblazoned on home furnishings, get yourself over to Thomas Paul and buy one of his 18 inch orange Geo/Metric cushions. The cushion’s “modern shapes… Read more »

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