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Musings on Queen, Country and table mats

Beware the office whip round. A strong arm tactic to collect money for a gift earmarked for a colleague; opt out at peril of your weak limbed grasp of the greasy pole. Workers know their drip feed investment into the office equivalent of a Ponzi scheme is as as likely to create meaningful long-term yields… Read more »

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Fabulous textile Christmas stocking stuffer under a fiver? Artisan du Chocolat!

Chocolate is your scribe’s Achilles heel. Never ever ubiquitous cheap chocolate, but always luxury dark chocolate requiring a mindful journey to the byways of Chelsea and Artisan du Chocolat. Founded by artisan chocolatier Gerard Coleman (famous for his creation of liquid salted caramels), Artisan offer a range of handmade chocolates. They also understand it’s sinful… Read more »

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Rumble in the rhombus: TEX Tile weave inspired ceramic tiles

Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay are the Raw-Edges Design Studio. Their TEX Tile ceramic tile collection for Mutina is inspired by the texture of textiles. “Almost every object has its own particular texture, whether it’s a natural or a handmade material”, the duo declare. Their tactile reference library was the springboard for experimenting with plasticine… Read more »

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Editor Ben Evans picked up the Metro on the way to work this morning and discovered crotchetdermy. We love crocheting queen Shauna Richardson’s collection of stuffed animals. So do the V&A who exhibited her work as part of their ‘The Power of Making’ exhibition. Her creations remind me of the old joke: … “Would you… Read more »

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Tents with a difference!

Limited edition tents by Field Candy offer a large range of  fantastic and original designs. It is slightly off the COVER track but we love them anyway!

Other Design (furniture etc)

Tuft Stools by Studio801

The Tuft stools by Studio801 are beech and birch stools with carpet poms on the seats as cushioning. The two stools are at different heights to accommodate a range of uses, and also feature kinked legs. The cushioning carpet poms are used in the textile industry to show ranges of wool colours. Studio801 has collaborated… Read more »

Other Design (furniture etc), We Like

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