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Always smiling – the weavers of Nepal deserve a break

Matthew Wailes specialises in designing and producing rugs for the interior design market. He has a close working relationship with his long-standing manufacturing partner in Nepal, which hand-knots his rugs.  I visited Nepal in late November with friend and colleague John O’Callaghan from O’C Carpet of New York. A lightning visit of just four days before… Read more »

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Precious Minimalism by Kristiina Lassus

  Milan-based designer Kristiina Lassus’ work exudes a quiet elegance. The rugs are minimal in detail but rich in historical and ethnographical reference. The understated patterns are suggestive of places and times, there are subconscious references to aesthetics from architecture, art and craft. Born in Helsinki, Finland, Kristiina Lassus trained in Interior Architecture, Furniture Design… Read more »

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Fiona Haines Textiles

Fiona Haines is a textile artist working in Bath, UK. Her beautiful work incorporates highly engineered materials discarded by many as the by-products of packaging, which are then  stitched with vibrant coloured silk threads through bubbles giving an optical illusion — the patterns change as the viewer walks past them. The contemporary panels can be… Read more »

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