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Campaign for Wool Warms Up Southwark Cathedral

Wool Week two sheep

Denna Jones Lovers of wool are legging it around the capital to catch events, workshops and exhibitions allied to Campaign for Wool’s fifth annual UK Wool Week (6-12 October 2014). Knit-a-thon at Brora (and a Twitter auction to win the blanket outcome), meet the Maker opportunities, and a Tweed Tea Party are just a few… Read more »

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Christopher Farr brings Bauhaus and a mythical maze to Forza Tappeti

Woven in linen and cotton Red Meander was designed by Anni Albers, famed alumnus of the Bauhaus in Germany and founding faculty member at the legendary Black Mountain College in North Carolina. It was she who can be credited with developing and disseminating a revolution in 20th century contemporary textile design and production. But is… Read more »

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Artist Jennifer Steinkamp’s “Death of the Moth” at The Fabric Workshop and Museum

If there’s one thing COVER knows it’s moths. Not gorgeous, blowsy cloud forest moths, but the tiny destroyers of clothes and carpets. Your scribe still mourns her Christopher Farr rug. Carefully folded for a period in storage, it emerged with fist-sized holes. But moths as a metaphor for life and the survival imperative was expressed… Read more »

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