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Campaign for Wool Warms Up Southwark Cathedral

Wool Week two sheep

Denna Jones Lovers of wool are legging it around the capital to catch events, workshops and exhibitions allied to Campaign for Wool’s fifth annual UK Wool Week (6-12 October 2014). Knit-a-thon at Brora (and a Twitter auction to win the blanket outcome), meet the Maker opportunities, and a Tweed Tea Party are just a few… Read more »

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Jack Frost declares it’s time for Fairisle rugs and cardies

Jack Frost knocked on your scribe’s front door this morning and declared the interior temperature as officially “frosty”. That means just one thing (other than loading the wheelbarrow with gold bullion and trundling down to the gas provider); it’s time to break out the Fairisle. Not so long ago Fairisle meant jumpers or socks knitted… Read more »

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