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Vintage Dutch Design – AaBe Wool Blankets Exhibition

reindeer vintage wool blanket

Denna Jones Wool blankets – cream with red or aqua stripes and yellow with red stripes and green borders – are stacked on a flat bed sleigh behind a harnessed reindeer in a snowy landscape. Clad in red with a fur framed yellow hood, the sleigh’s driver holds a receipt for the man in the… Read more »

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Prosaic to profound: Lio de Bruin’s handmade leather rugs

Designed for her 2012 Degree Show at Design Academy Eindhoven, Lio de Bruin’s covetable handmade leather needlework rug collection will be exhibited next month at OBJECT Rotterdam. Bruin’s inspiration was a “big needlework encyclopedia”, a charmingly redundant phrase to describe the book she sourced from the shelves of the Academy’s library. “De nieuwe handwerk encyclopedie”… Read more »

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