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A seamstress, her thimble and two graffiti artists

Better to seek forgiveness than ask permission is a useful guiding principle for those who have a cunning plan but problematic superiors. Seeking forgiveness isn’t just for usual suspect rogue operators. Ramón Mor, padre at L’Hospitalet de Llobregat near Barcelona, had a cunning plan early last year to paint a wall at his church. Artist… Read more »

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Stomp all night on Limited Edition’s “brick wall” rug

Banksy is an urban legend; a famous (and infamous) graff artist, immortalised (amongst other output) for his opening sequence for The Simpsons. But he might might want to take a break from banging heads against brick walls, and instead Stomp! all night across an ingenious “brick wall” carpet by Limited Edition, Belgium. Loyal readers of… Read more »

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