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Vive la révolution! (Forza Tappeti rug revolution that is)

Just weeks to wait until the Salone Internazionale del Mobile welcomes the world to the annual design exposition. Spread across the city but centred in the Brera district, one of the focal points is La Pelota where the UK’s designjunction will present EDIT. Rather like the anticipation created by a nested set of Russian Matryoshka… Read more »

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Christopher Farr brings Bauhaus and a mythical maze to Forza Tappeti

Woven in linen and cotton Red Meander was designed by Anni Albers, famed alumnus of the Bauhaus in Germany and founding faculty member at the legendary Black Mountain College in North Carolina. It was she who can be credited with developing and disseminating a revolution in 20th century contemporary textile design and production. But is… Read more »

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Meteors, Martians, and Asteroid DA14 (plus a nice rug by Vladimir Kagan)

Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Your scribe’s favourite idiomatic expression can be augmented with “. . . and meteors”, following today’s meteor crash in Russia which blew the roof off a factory and shattered countless windows. Video footage looks like outtakes from Mars Attacks!, but there’s more tonight when Asteroid DA14 becomes… Read more »

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