News & Events: September 2013

  1. 2-Gold-leaf-textile SM

    Nigel Atkinson Fabrics on Show

    If you missed the exhibition of Nigel Atkinson’s beautiful textiles at the Joss Graham gallery in London last week then here a few highlights from the show

  2. carousel2

    Crochet-inspired Fashion in 2013: Dior, Chanel, D&G

    The latest issue of COVER (Autumn 2013), features the latest trend in carpets: the lace look. Colourful, laced yarns also made a big comeback in the fashion world this year including Chanel, Dior and De la Renta

  3. WFH small


    WRONG FOR HAY is a new design collaboration between Danish design brand HAY and London-based designer Sebastian Wrong

  4. cushion small

    London Design Festival: Designersblock!

    Don’t miss Designersblock, one of the London Design Festival’s larger events for new designers, at the Southbank Centre in SE1 on 19-22 September. Here is some exciting work from just a small selection of the designers who will be showing during the event.

  5. small

    Brussels Design September

    For a whole month Brussels Design September brings together more than 100 cultural and commercial events in the city creating a platform for meeting Belgian designers as well as being open to international designers

  6. santin7

    Carpet Paintings by Antonio Santin

    These fascinating carpet paintings by Spanish artist Antonio Santin are currently on show at New York art gallery Marc Straus. His work features a series of depictions of Oriental rugs with bodies lying underneath

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