News & Events: April 2016

  1. FEATNelson-Mandela-South-Africa-2008-(c)Trustees-of-the-British-Museum-DETAIL-

    From COVER 42: Social Fabric

    Textiles and social engagement: the British Museum’s touring exhibition ‘Social Fabric: African Textiles Today’ would appear made for the William Morris Gallery.

  2. kingsrobe sm

    What to see at NYCxDesign 2016

    NYCxDesign, New York’s official design event, begins on Tuesday 3 May, offering two full weeks of exciting design shows happening across the city. Here COVER offers a guide to the best rugs and textiles that will be on display.

  3. thScreen-Shot-2016-04-18-at-12.14.01

    Luke Irwin’s Roman mosaic rugs

    Architectural surfaces showing traces of wear have been big news in rug design of late, but Luke Irwin’s latest Mosaic Collection has been directly influenced by the ‘beyond serendiptous’ discovery of an elaborate Roman villa under the lawn of his Wiltshire home.

  4. th_cc-tapis-RUGTHKO-rug-for-10byYATZER

    cc-tapis new rugs at Salone Milan

    Ahead of Salone 2016 opening tomorrow in Milan, here is a preview of the vast new selection of top rugs from the city’s own cc-tapis.

  5. FEATHello-gorgeous

    From COVER 42: Painting a picture of Rug Art

    Never has the connection between carpet making and the visual arts been made clearer than in American brand Rug Art International. COVER speaks to co-founder and head designer Sigal Sasson

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