News & Events: April 2020

  1. Architecture for the floor

    Classic Rug Collection finds inspiration in the work of visionary architect Frank Lloyd Wright in the new Signature Series.

  2. The original: The Polonaise

    To be truly knowledgeable about design, you need to understand its origins, an idea that seems particularly relevant to rugs. Here we discuss the Polonaise, new versions of which have been in focus recently.

  3. Ten new rugs for Spring 2020

    Here COVER selects ten new rugs from recent launches that represent the best in contemporary handmade carpet design for Spring 2020.

  4. How ecological can your rug and home be?

    How sustainable can a rug be? The answer is, it can be as sustainable as you demand it to be, you just need to be aware of what you are buying. Lucy Upward asks Susan Inglis, Executive Director of the Sustainable Furnishings Council in the USA, about her thoughts on sourcing rugs and homeware with a low environmental impact.

  5. Is Econyl® one gateway to a clean future for rugs and carpets?

    As we begin dreaming up new ways to lessen our impact on the environment, circular thinking in design starts to impact interior products. Denna Jones looks at the prospects of the manmade fibre Econyl® and how a project between Italian brand Econyl® and Nepalese firm Sarawagi could open up new ideas for rugs.

  6. Three rug trends favoured by interior designers

    Handmade rugs reflect larger design movements but also exist in a microcosm of their own. Here are three rug trends currently embraced by interior designers for their schemes.

  7. Is traceability the future of ethical production?

    As sustainability and ethical manufacturing grow more important, we see many companies trying to do their part. However, existing initiatives often only address one link in a complex supply chain. With their Traceable Rugs collection, Chhatwal & Jonsson suggest a way forward.

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