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Alnoor Rugs for Diacasan

ALNOOR_DIACASAN_eiffel-noirDiacasan‘s latest collection of rugs for 2014 are by French designer Alnoor, who has been working with the company since 2012. They are bold, bright, funky designs that feature elements from traditional patterns that have been blown up and manipulated. Alnoor has also combined pile heights, using flatweave alongside pile to emphasise the chunky patterns.

ALNOOR_DIACASAN_ maya bleu zigoto doc orange zigoto doc orange ALNOOR_DIACASAN tracey 2 ALNOOR_DIACASAN tracey 1 ALNOOR_DIACASAN tartan jaune ALNOOR_DIACASAN floral rose ALNOOR_DIACASAN floral fushia ALNOOR_DIACASAN- Ornement-or ALNOOR_DIACASAN-tartan-vert ALNOOR_DIACASAN-tartan-bleu ALNOOR_DIACASAN-Ornement-bleu ALNOOR_DIACASAN anemone tourterelle ALNOOR_DIACASAN  anemone aqua

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