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Amala Carpets’ new Zee Silk Collection

Amala Carpets, creators of custom handmade luxury carpets, have just launched their new Zee Silk collection. The collection combines modern design with traditional Thai weaving techniques, originally used to make garments for Thai royalty. This process preserves the silk proteins, giving the carpets a shimmering quality and durability. The manufacture of the collection is also all natural, and created with sustainable silk fibre, making the Zee Silk Collection one of the most environmentally-friendly carpets around, made without any machines or chemicals.

Since 2011, Shan Shrestha, Amala Carpets founder and designer, has designed carpets inspired by nature. The entire process is run by a local group of  women who have trained for eight years in the art of carpet making. Local silk is harvested and reeled by hand before being washed with a natural mixture of tropical fruits to prepare it for dying. The silk is dyed with non-toxic colourants, ensuring no heavy chemicals or pollutants are released into the environment.

Amala_Carpets_Zee_Silk_Ankip_2 Amala Carpets

Ankip, Zee Silk Collection


Ankip (detail), Zee Silk Collection


Aria, Zee Silk Collection


Vaara, Zee Silk Collection



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