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Bazaar Velvet launch new range at Decorex 2014

A brand new range from Bazaar Velvet named Street Art is on show at Decorex 2014. The rugs have been inspired by the reality of life in the city of London, rather than its commonly used tourist cliché. Drawings in black are reminiscent of the stencil work of well known street artists, providing a striking contrast with the complex paint texture backgrounds. City streets are also brought to mind by the graffiti style text which pulls all the elements together.

These designs have been brought to life as rugs using a hand knotting technique that has been used for centuries. All natural materials have been used; Himalayan wool and Chinese silk add an extra dimension to the texture and appearance of the piece. The overall result is a collection of rugs full of contradictions. They are ancient and modern, edgy and sophisticated, gritty and luxurious.

maid-visualization queen-visualization Street Art Park Life

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