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BeatWoven at Harrods London


Diamond Daze, BeatWoven

Founded in 2008 by textile designer Nadia-Anne Ricketts, fabric brand BeatWoven explores the link between the language of woven textiles and sound. The first collection Fabrics of Sound, features patterns taken from music. To create the fabrics, songs are played through the bespoke BeatWoven technology to translate the audio into digital patterns. Some patterns are left completely untouched, while others have their most aesthetically pleasing elements repeated, flipped, looped or mixed to make an aesthetically pleasing fabric design.
The textiles are woven on a silk warp at the last remaining English silk weaving mill, using an abundance of pure silver metallised yarns. They are then finished with a cashmere treatment to give them an extra special feel.

Golden Daze, BeatWoven

The DreaMelody collection, now available at prestigious London store Harrods, illustrates music by some of the best British pop bands. From ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ by The Beatles to ‘A Kinda Magic’ by rockers Queen, the beautiful range sees these timeless songs transposed into four luxurious textile pieces and art cushions.

Flash, BeatWoven

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