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Behind the facade


Cayce Zavaglia at the Lyons Weir Gallery, New York

Cayce Zavaglia‘s amazing portraits are currently on show at the Lyons Weir Gallery in New York until 12 December. The exhibition ‘About-Face’ shows Zavaglia’s recent body of work which is predominantly portraits created with embroidery.


Cayce Zavaglia at the Lyons Weir Gallery, New York

Zavaglia trained as a painter but turned to embroidery to work in a ‘non-toxic studio environment’. Her stitches emulate brushstrokes and the process of painting by using a technique that helps her to ‘mimic the way brush marks are layered within a painting’. Her detailed works are stunning and look like hyper-realistic paintings but what makes this show so fascinating is the fact that Zavaglia focuses on the reverse side of the embroideries, which have their own hidden personalities.


Uncle Stevie, Cayce Zavaglia


Uncle Stevie (verso), Cayce Zavaglia


Raphaella, Cayce Zavaglia


Raphaella (verso), Cayce Zavaglia

The reverse sides reveal more about the images and their construction and look deeper into the notions of identity. For the show Zavaglia has also created large paintings of some of the reverse sides, which mimic the threads using long thin brushstrokes.


Elly Verso, Cayce Zavaglia, gouache painting


Greg Sr. Verso Painting, Cayce Zavaglia, acrylic painting

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